Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy

Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy

Are you or your child constantly struggling with nasal congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, and other symptoms? It could very well be caused from indoor and outdoor allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, or pollen. Allergies can zap your energy and cause you to feel like you’re always under the weather.

At Dr. Maul’s Family Practice, we now offer the convenience of on-site allergy testing for patients of all ages to determine the cause of your allergy symptoms.


Allergy shots treat allergy symptoms including nasal congestion and inflammation and allergic asthma. Allergy shots are the most effective method to treat indoor and outdoor allergies. For some people, they can completely eliminate allergies permanently.

The length of time you will need immunotherapy depends on various factors, including the cause of your allergies. Most people begin feeling relief from allergy symptoms within six months. After one year of immunotherapy, you will be reevaluated to see if your symptoms have improved, at which time your doctor will determine whether to continue with allergy shots.

Put an end to allergy symptoms once and for all with immunotherapy at Dr. Maul’s Family Practice. Call us in Heath or Rowlett, Texas or request an appointment online today.