Men’s Health

Men’s Health

Do you know more about your health or do you know more about your car?

You can probably state how many miles your car has, when your car’s next oil change is due, and how much air to put in your car’s tires, but how much do you know about your own blood pressure, cholesterol, or HIV status?

Do you know that the top men’s health threats – heart disease, cancer, and injury – are, for the most part, preventable? In addition to incorporating a top-notch exercise program into your daily routine, do you know when a “smoker’s cough” may be something more, or when a “beer gut” is actually a health concern?

Are you ready to know more about your health than you know about your car? Add miles to your life and take charge of your health with professional men’s health care services from Dr. Maul’s Family Practice.

Our men’s health care services include:

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